GES-2 – Cup Of Consonances
People instead of mountains
From another angle
Yandex Dacha Crew
The Wild Brigade
Director of Photography. Daniil was born and raised in Chelyabinsk, a major city east of the Ural Mountains known as "the gateway to Siberia". It's also known as the crash site of the superbolide meteor in 2013. Impressively, Daniil not only survived this meteor impact, but did so with remarkable dignity and bravery! 🙃
His early fascination with sound engineering led him to the GITR Institute. However, as fate would have it, he found his true vocation in the cinematography department before the year's end. Daniil is passionate about documentary storytelling and working in the field with real people, capturing candid moments and genuine emotions. He describes his style as vibrant and hands-on, emphasising the importance of being fully engaged in the story and present in the moment to capture that perfect shot.